Selena's Idea

I crawled over to where Ami was holding Jeremy. I was still dazed from the helmet, and I couldn't stand very well. I put a hand on Jeremy's and Ami's heads were they rested together on the floor.

I slowly pushed Ami's head away from Jeremy, then I placed a hand on his forehead. I chanted a few words and he closed his eyes. I pulled Ami away to a safe distance in case he woke up.

"Hey! I was talking to Jeremy!" Ami protested.

" I know, but I  have an idea Ami. I can't perform surgery, and I can't heal anything much, but I can do a very strong sleeping spell. I was given permission to use it when I babysat a bunch of little Elves. I used the the milder version of the spell to make them nap. Right now Jeremy is just asleep so that we can talk without him hearing."

"How will making Jeremy sleep help?" Ami asked.

" I could put him into heavy sedation. The chips are in Jeremy's brain as well as his heart. If his brain is sedated, then he won't know what's happening, and neither will the aliens."

" I've got you so far, but what are we going to do when he's sedated?"  Ami wondered.

"You said that you could enter Jeremy in spirit. If you go into his brain and pinpoint the chip, I might be able to dissolve it without hurting Jeremy. If that works, we can do the same thing with his heart."

"Won't the aliens stop you?" Shade asked. He had come close to hear the conversation.

"Not if they don't know what's happening. what Jeremy don't know, they don't know, and Jeremy will be sedated."

"How will you dissolve the chips? Wouldn't it be better to cut the chips out?" Miss cult said.

"Unless you're a trained surgeon with all the right equipment and antibiotics, you could kill him with infection just by opening him up. Dissolving the chip is easier and safer."

"It's worth a try I guess. " Ami said uncertainly.

The End

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