Too Risky...Now At Least

I pushed Cult's hands away with one hand. I shook my head, and laid down, one hand holding down Jeremy, the other just laid. I laid my head on his head, despite his struggling and cursing.

"'s a bit risky. And if these aliens will comunicate through Jeremy, then we will stay here, and wait for a while. If noithing happens, then I will help the best I can with my powers with spirit. I could turn into one, and try to search inside of him for  the chips. It might be the safest way. Since they are in his brain and heart and all. One wrong cut, and bye bye Jeremy."

Shade was pacing around, and Miss Cult seemed slightly eager for us to get the chips out. Miss Cult huffed, and paced along side Shade. Jeremy stopped struggling for a moment. I looked up, as he looked down at me.

"I'm...sorry about earlier. About calling you a moron. It wasn't my fau...ugh...never mind." He whispered. He was remembering when he had thrown the books at us, I was sure. I smiled. Jeremy lifted his head slightly, with a frown on his face. "Do you...really love me???" he asked, so quietly I could barely hear. I nodded, and waited for his reaction. 

The End

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