Free Time . . .

His body strugled against the magical bands whiched held him.  They appeared to be on fire.  Hopefully the aliens would give him free time again.  They had to eventually.

As soon as he thought about it, his body stopped struggling.  Ami was talking to him in French.  He thought he understood it slightly, but only on hunch.  He didn't know french.

"Ami. . . ."  He whispered.  Just barely though, he was extreamly tired.  Then he spoke up, so everyone could here.  "Please.  You have to kill me."

"What?"  someone said, but Jeremy couldn't tell who.

"Please.  I have a controler chip lodged into my heart and brain.  Soon they will have power over me, and you can't hold back against them forever. . . ."  He sighed.

"Wait a second.  who . . . excactly are they?"  Shade asked.

"They arn't from this planet."

"You mean like aliens?"

" . . . Yes."

There was a long pause.  Then, Jeremy couldn't tell from where, Ami said, "We won't kill you."

"Then you have to kill the ali---"  Jeremy was suddenly stopped as the thing took control of his body again.  That was all of his Free Time . . .

The End

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