Speaking In French

I tilted my head as Shade used a paw to swipe it off me. I stood, and felt tears down my cheeks again. Jeremy was only struggling a little, meaning that he had heard the stuff that I had said. I tiled my head the other way in thought.

If he had other powers, I wonder if he has the knowledge of languages? I gulped, and knelt beside Shade. I let fire wrap around Jeremy, but not too tightly. Shade gave a nod of its head, and I held Jeremy to the floor as she helped the others. I started to speak in French to him.

"Mon cher ami, ce qui s'est passe pour vous? Vous souciez-vous pas pour nous? Poir moi? Je t'maine, et je ne veux pas qu'on te faire de mal. S'il vous plait, parle moi. Je veux vous aider."

He looked up at me, and whispered, "Ami.", then he began to struggle again. I saw a tear drip from my cheek, and splash onto mine. He stopped struggling. I brushed it away, and, while still pinning his shoulder, laid my head next to his heart, and listened to its steady beat.


(Note, the translation goes something like this: 'My dear friend, what has happened to you? Don't you care about us? About me? I love you, and don't want to hurt you. Please, talk to me. I want to help you.')


The End

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