Kassie awakes

I was still feeling sad and gloomy when I awoke. It was a bit hard to pick up imfer red on a cold night like today. I knew that my former enemy, Mrs. Cult as she calls herself, had saved me from the poison, making her a friend not foe. "Thank you." I said again to her.

 I got up and found that there were 5 more figers there then Mrs. Cult. One was leaning over another, wall the rest were surronding the Image. Mrs. Cult picked me up, or so I thought it was her. "Kassie, i'm sorry." I knew it was Mrs. cult. "These people are good, in my eyes, so don't hurt them."

I broke free from Mrs. Cults slightly tight grasp and searched my imfer red readings. We were at the front gate of the companys HQ. The place was creepy, but i wanted to test out my powers so I went to a wall and went in shadow mode. Sure enough, I went throw the wall. 

I came back and walked over to the crowed. Mrs. Cult was now helping hold down a boy. The boy struggled but couldn't brake free from to peoples grasp. Poor boy.  

The End

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