At Least He Couldn't Hurt Them

Ami had kissed him, and he wished he could have kissed her back.  She told him that he was a moron for letting this thing control him.

I know I am . . . but that doesn't mean I can change it, he thought to himself, there is no way to do it without killing myself.

Of course he did not say this.  He slammed the helmet down on her head.  At that second, Miss Cult attacked him dispite the helmet she wore.  She really was a strong one.

He wanted them to catch him, he really did.  As he walked past them, grinning widely, his hand came just inches from Shades helmet, and he thought he just might be able to flick it off of him.  He took all his might.  His body shook from the strength he was using.  He managed to barely just push the helmet off of his head.

Shade lunged at the opportunity, turning into a lardge bare to pin him down.  And even though Jeremy was strong, it was only partialy actually because of his strength.  It was his speed.  If a full grown bear had him pinned down, specialy Shade because he was slightly stronger, there was no way of excape.

Still holding him with one arm, Shade took the helmets off of everyone else.  Although Jeremy's body, or the aliens controling it, was not pleased, he was, because even though it did suck not being able to even talk to anyone, at least he could hurt them . . .

The End

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