He...Made Me Cry...

As I was thrown across the room, and hit the oppisite wall, I didn't even fight. I didn't even try to fight him. As I slid to  the floor, barly conscious, I felt hot tears on my cheeks. Jeremy, whom I loved, has thrown me across the room, and made me cry. Something I thought would nerver happen. Well, not the crying bit.

As My friends tried to fight for me, I thought of things I could say to him. He was evil. He had called me a moron for loving him. That was not Jeremy. The real Jeremy is kind, shy, funny, angry at times, but never means to really hurt anyone.

As he rammed helmets onto the others, and piled them up, the tears continued to run down my cheeks. He came over, and picked me up quite roughly. I felt him jolt. Something inside him was fighting. He didn't just sling me over his shoulder. He held me in front of him. He suddenly dropped me, and clutched his head. The shock of the drop brought back my voice. I couldn't move, but I screamed up at Jeremy.

"Jeremy, this isn't you! You called me a moron, yet you are just as much of one to let someone or something control you! Jeremy, listen to me. You are strong. You are powerful. You are YOU!!!" I shouted. Jeremy clutched his head. With all the power I could muster, I pulled myself up, and pulled his hands away from his face. His eyes were alive with malice, but those eyes were the ones I loved. I struggled to stay on my feet. I pressed myself close to him, and kissed him. I pulled away, and felt the dreamless darkness take me.

The End

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