The Time Has Come . . .

 Jeremy walked out of the building, slightly mistified.  He hated himself, and hated what he was about to do.  He, luckily, had to be able to get free will every once in a grate while, because if not it would kill him, but he could already feal himself tensing up again.

Soon, he was already in the aliens control.  His faced was forced in to a large, evil grin.  He walked back into the building, walking over to Ami, but just as he did, Shade lunged at him.  He was in the form of a panther, so it was fairly easy to pull out a helmet, and simply hold it out.  Shades head smaked right into it, a perfect fit.

The helmet was an evil thing, and destroyed magic.  As long as shade wore it, it would not be able to shift or move to any great extent.  It also couldn't take it off.  It had to be taken off my someone else.  Plus he/she/it couldn't probably take it off if it wanted to because it was in panther form and had no thumbs . . .

everyone else was asleep, besides Ami.  She was next.  She looked up at him, and he looked down at him, that evil grin still stuck on his face.

"Jere-"  she was about to say, but he'd already picked her up, and threw her at the ceiling.  As she landed, he grabbed her by the back of the neck, and put his face just an inch from hers.

"Hey.  You really love me don't you?"  Jeremy chuckled.  "You, are SUCH, a moron."  he proceded to put the helmet over her almost unconcious head, and then knee her in the stomach.  She was thrown across the room, smashing into the other wall.

Miss Cult had her hand on him all of the sudden from behind.  He spun around so quickly there was no way to keep a grip on him, and smashed her helmet down on her.

the rest, were relitively easy.

He hated himself, and wondered if there was any way that he could become freed.  That these people could ever trust him again.

No . . . probably not.

The End

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