Character Chapter 4!

OH MY GOD!!! Thanks to everyone taking part, or who has taken part, in this story so far! I'm hoping that there are more people/thing/who knows what joining soon! So far, the story is this, and the characters:

The Community is a house where everything and anything can go and have a good time. This is all threatened by Ami's past, and the person who murdered her family. Now, the murderer has been got/ taken/ killed, we don't know what by. Now, the characters have gone to recuse other people from the Company's clutches. Here are the characters:

The Good Guys

Ami - 12/13, light brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Her mother and father were murdered when she was 5. She can control the elements, and manipulate people's emotions with her singing. She is in love with Jeremy. Currently sat outside the Company's hideout, with her friends.

Jeremy - 13, black hair, blue/ green eyes. Not a lot is know about his past .He uses electricity, along with lots of other powers. He works for aliens, that may or may not be responsible Red Thorn's mysterious silence. He knows that Ami likes him. Current location unknown. The fact that he is good or evil is unknown. Classed as good.

Shade - Shape Shifter. Not a lot is known about its past. Can change into any living creature at will. Most likely in the form of a ferret, or that of a black panther. Likes to sit on someone's shoulder. Used to/ still hates Miss Cult. Feelings about Jeremy's disappearance are mixed. Likes a good fight. Currently keeping an eye out for anything outside the Company's base.

Selena - Teenager, curly red hair. She is a beautiful Elvin girl who takes responsibility for those younger than herself. She has been banned from her Elvin home for 'silly-stringing' the meeting hall, and other human-like activities. Has one year to decide whether she wishes to be human or Elvin. Currently asleep outside the Company's hideout.

Leanna - Blue eyes, blond hair. A Pixie. Not a lot is known about her past. She can fly, and has other powers. Currently asleep with her friends outside of the base of the Company.

Cathryn - Human (as far as we know). Not a lot is known about her. She came to the Community, and took refuge with everyone else. Currently asleep with her friends outside of the Company's base.

Miss Cult - Human (ish). She can turn invisible in the wink of an eye. Previously an agent for the Company. She was sent to take Ami to their leader. She has come to the good side. Currently asleep next to an ill girl that she saved from the Company.

The Community - A place for anyone to go and live/ hang out. Has a magical air about it. Currently, the house is uninhabited, while everyone has left to take down the Company, and their murderous leader, Purisimo (Red Thorn).

Bad Guys

The Company - an evil incorporation, set up by Purisimo to find Ami. They take people with powers against their will, place a tracking chip in them, and send them to find Ami.

Purisimo (Also known as Pure Revenge, or Red Thorn) - 20, black hair, dark/ light blue eyes. He murdered Ami's mother and father for reasons unknown. He formed the Company to find her. May or may not be still alive.

The New Beings - A new breed of creatures. Miss Cult saw them fist, believing that they would die. That is the intention. The Company injects them with a special poison to bring them under their control, and to give them unnatural powers. Unknown for their use. Still waiting to be released inside the Company base.

There will be much more excitement to come! Please join, and if you have already joined, carry on!!!!

UberEvilAngel xxx

The End

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