Sweet Dreams And Sightings

When all of us had met back up, Miss Cult had placed a young girl in a blanket. I recognized the girl. Her mother was my aunt's next door neighbour. Cult placed her down, and everyone in the Community huddled together. Shade had come back as a panther, and was laid across my lap, as I stroked its glossy fur.

I watched as everyone laid down, and talked quietly. Miss cult huddled up to the girl, holding her in her arms. The girl lifted a hand blindly, and whispered, 'Thank you.', and then drifted to sleep.

As everyone fell to sleep, I went round, and draped blankets over them. I sighed. My heart had been aching, longing to hear his voice again. No one mentioned his name except me, thinking that he was a traitor, not to be trusted. I would still say his name proudly. He was my friend, or was he? I wasn't sure anymore. As I pulled the blanket up and under my chin, and my eyes began to close, I figure stood over me. Through my eyelashes, I saw those mis-matched eyes. I sat up. Jeremy was stood over me. He knelt down, his eyes full of tears. He had something in his hands. His expression was pained.

I wrapped my arms round his neck, and kissed his lips. He seemed shocked. I pulled away, and felt his warm, honey sweet breath on my face. He put his fingers to his lips. I laid back down. A tear fell onto my cheek, as I looked up. He touched my cheek. "I'm sorry. You still trust me, after I left you all?" he whispered. I nodded.

"I...think I love you. I've been meaning to tell you." I told him. He stood, and turned away from me. In his hand, I heard something break. He began to slowly walk away. He turned, and opened his mouh to say something. He sighed, closed it again, and walked away. On the wind, I heard that voice whisper, "Have sweet dreams. This might be the last you see me." his voice echoed in my head.

"I love you." It echoed in my head, those words I had said to him. He had something to hide. Something dark. Something more sinister than the Company. I dreaded it.   

The End

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