News, good and bad

I had just gotten done with divison 10. I had to be nice to get the trust of the prisoners so i walked slowly to the cells. There were 5 cells each containing a prisoner and a bed covered with needels that would stick into the prisoners skin and keep giving them gasses that would keep them sleepy.

I went up to the one on my far right and looked in. Inside was a girl. She loooked alot like a normal little blonde girl exsept she had patches on her eyes indacating she was blind. I smashed open the door and picked up off the needels. Then i remembered that this was the girl I yanked from her mothers grasp.

I carried her with ease because she was so weary she couldn't move if she wanted. I had looked in the other cells and found that only one still had the most likley chance to live. It was terible seeing the people who had been enjected with a poison that would make them super human or kill them with a chance of 1 to a million.

The only other one that would live was a super speed boy that ran away emidiatly after i opened the door to his cell. Not that i was exspecting a thank you.                            

The ones with little chance to live, I sadly layed down on blankets wait untill they or got treament some how or died. I still knew it's possible for me to give thwm treatment but only the medical people in the company know where to get it. "Goodluck" I muttered to the ones with poison in there system. I picked up the girl again and headed toward the others. 

The End

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