Carnage in D2

Shade almost laughed at the irony as it scampered in the form of a rat towards the D2  block. It had spent all it's life trying to get out of this place, and now it was trying to break in again.

But this time the boot was on the other foot. This time it was Shade who had the advantage. And it intened to use it.

Darting through the doors, Shade came up against three guards, all men, all gathered around a small cage in the back corner of the room. They were laughing and prodding something, which in return was making pained noises. Turning into a fly and getting closer Shade saw they had a young manticore crammed into the cage and were shoving the front of their guns into it, making it squeak with pain.

Dropping down behind the men, Shade changed into a huge black dragon and, slowly, reared it's horned head up behind the men. It let out a low, angry growl. The men whipped around, just in time to see Shade's tail crashing towards them. The next thing they knew they were unconscious on the floor, eyes still wide with terror.

With a triumphant roar, Shade set about releasing the captives from their cages and heaving open the doors to the rest of the cells, letting them attack the guards that were already running to the scene.

Within moments, D2 was in turmoil. Shifting into the form of a large bat, Shade smiled nastily and flitted out of the Division back to it's waiting friends.

The captives would keep the guards busy for a very long time. Shade had made sure of it.

The End

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