Crushing Pain

As I went down to D1, a couple of teenage guards were leaning on swords. I stayed round the corner, so that they wouldn't see me. I glanced round at them. Both ugly, one with broken glasses, with a plaster round the middle. I shuddered. I put on a tight red top, and some quarter length jeans. I walked confidently round the corner. I walked right past the guard, who just stood, staring at me. One came to his senses, and shouted, "Oi!" I turned to him, and batted my eyelids.

He gulped. One whispered to him, "Hey, hear about that girl Cult went after? What was her name?" I smiled slightly. "Her name is Ami, and she stands before you." I said, and orbs of water appeared round their heads. They bubbled and gurgled, till their eyes rolled into the back of their heads, and they slumped to the floor. I giggled, then went to the two cells there. A girl with white hair, black eyes and blood red lips floated round. I wasn't going to let that out in a hurry. Most likely a Russian death spirit, called a russalka, or a banshee. In the next cell, was a handsome boy, with a heart shaped face, and cute, almond shaped eyes.

A shape shifter. Then, I let out a scream. It felt as if I was being crushed, and my heart burned. I felt a pang of sadness, and then of annoyance. They were not my emotions, but that of another. The pain stopped. The shape shifter, bashed against the glass. I put my hand up, and it shattered. The shape shifter picked me up. He gulped, gave me a stiff nod of the head, then transformed into a bird, and flew away, out of the way I had come in. I sighed. I saw a little hole, showing the night sky.

I went over to the hole, and peered through. A beautiful sight. A meteorite shower. The first one that shot across the sky, I made a wish. That Jeremy would get away from wherever he was, and he would still be my best friend. I would tell him how I felt, and that would be enough. I walked out of the division, leaving the russalka pressing its long spindly fingers against the glass.

The End

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