Divison 10

We soon arived at the company HQ. It was a fairly long walk and we were all a bit tired. I looked over the gate and soon found the entry lock. I also knew the company had still thought there was a chance of getting me back so they didn't lock out my hand print.

"I'm gonna get us inside but from there you guys will each be unlocking a divison as i am too." I said, "Ami, your D1, Shade is D2... the rest go to diffrent ones." I put my hand on the pad and the gate opened. I went to Divison 10, the most powerful prisoners and gaurds.

When  got inside i quickly, from behind, killed a quarter of the gaurds. The rest were gaurding cells. When i approched, being invisable, the gaurds were talking, "... it's unfair we have a 10 hour shift and all the other emploes get brackes in between doing a 5 hour shift." That was the perfect momment and i lunged at the group. Some died right there and the others i'd have to face. 

The End

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