Aliens . . .

He came to a clearing in the woods, a large, space craft looking thing sat in the middle.

As he walked up, a scanner on the top sensed him, and a hatch opened.  His body was forced to walk inside. 

Jeremy . . . was working for aliens.

As he walked up the hatch and into the spacecraft, the thing, which he was foreced to call his master, confronted him.

"Hello."  It said in bad english, an alien accent He guessed.  as he said it, he could feel it release his jaw, giving him freedom to speak.

"Hi . . . "  Jeremy replied.

"I sense something powerfull on you.  Did they give you anything?" The thing, Jeremy realized, was sensing his Doimond that Ami had given him.  He was forced to slowly pull it out of his pocket.  "interesting."  The alien said again.

It brought tears to Jeremy's eyes as he slowly crushed it in his fingers easily with his strength.  "No . . ."  he tried to stop it, but it was too lait.

"listen, we need all of those people.  bringing them back to our home planet, we could make zentons!  go, Jeremy, go and bring us back your friends.  And oh yes, take these with you."  The alien handed him something.

Jeremy felt his jaw tighten again, and then he was forced out the door.  Back, back to betray his friends.

The End

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