Still A Murderer In The House

I stopped Selena. "Their leader, Purisimo, I think it was, is in the house. He was the one who murdered my family." Selena shook her head, and went through the front door of the house.

All was quiet. It was me, Shade, Selena, Miss Cult, Leanna, and the girl Cathryn, still in the garden. The girls and Shade. We went in, and saw the vampire, still sprawled on the floor. Selena shook her head, then went into the kitchen with Miss Cult and Leanna. Shade and I went into my room. I picked up a few little bags, that were bigger on the inside, and opened the wardrobe. In each bag, I placed a beautiful dress, some feminine jeans, a few girly t-shirts, and some boy's clothing too, in case we had a disguise, or, my secret, in case Jeremy came back.

Shade said quietly, " kissed him in here? And you did this to a multi personality guy who could kill you....why?" I smiled, and gave a little laugh. I stroked its magestic head, and sighed, "Because I love him." Shade squaked, and fell off the bed, only to pull herself up again.

Shade grabbed two of the bags with her talons, and i grabbed the others. We ran/flew down the stairs, the see Selena packing little bags of food, and canteens of water. "The clothes in this house have an enchantment to fit whoever wears them, and this water won't run out, but I'm not so sure about the food." I told her. A person had told me some details of the house before. Shade turned into a beautiful girl, about my age, with black curls that bounced off her shoulders, and dark eyes, within any secret could hide.

As we left, I heard Red Thorn scream. Something had got him, that was none of us. It was something far more sinister than the Company, I knew that. We all shuddered, and walked on the east side of the street, towards the Company Hideout.

The End

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