Burns of Betrayal

Shade watched the retreating figure, eyes blazing with supressed fury. So he'd betrayed them? That was it. He must have been in the company with Cult and helped lead them here.

He'd been with them all along.

"Traitor!" Shade screeched after him, voice tearing through the air like a knife, "You scheming little traitor! I swear if I ever see you again I'll tear you to pieces with my bare hands! Betray us will you? You worm, you crawl back to your Company friends and tell them what you've seen. And tell them Shade's gonna make them pay and make them pay bad! And you along with them!"

As a final act of defiance, Shade turned into a blazing phoenix and let out a furious cry that rang through the air, echoing off into the distance, full of pain, anger, sadness and confusion.

For, underneath the anger, Shade was sobbing. Jeremy had been it's friend, a good one at that. Why had he betrayed them? How had Shade been so stupid as to trust him?

Well, it wouldn't make that mistake twice. Once bitten, twice shy they say. Why hadn't it learnt it's lesson last time?

No-one was getting too close to Shade again. It had been hurt one time too many now.

The End

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