Wait A Cotton Pickin' Minute!!!

I ran out, and bumped into a Company member. He snarled at me. I raised an eyebrow. Shade turned into a human behind him, and tapped him on the shoulder. It turned into a panther as he turned around, pinning him to the floor, then clawing a him. She threw him with her teeth as far as she could.

I looked around. The place was scattered with dead Company operatives. I saw Community people all smiling, but one face was absent from the crowd.

Jeremy had gone. I saw a figure on the room. I didn't think it was Jeremy. Would he truly leave us?The figure had gone. Now I knew it was Jeremy. I squeezed the salty bullets from my eyes, and pushed them away. I clenched my fists. A vision in my head appeared. It was Jeremy, holding me, and smiling. The image changed. There was no Jeremy. I remembered the diamond heart, still nestled in Jeremy's pocket. He would come back. If he didn't care, He would have left it behind. I hoped, with all my might, that he would come back.

"Wait a cotton pickin' minute!" said someone, then Shade looked at me, an angry look in its eye. "Do you think...Jeremy was part of the Company?!?!" he said. I shook my head. We couldn't go back into the house now. I sank to the bottom of the tree, and looked up at the sky.

"Jeremy, where are you? What are you doing? Don't you care about us?" I sent the thought out into the world, hoping it would be heard. I lifted my head to the sky, and sang. A song of sorrow, loss, and heart break. Though he did not know it, and probably never would, I truly loved him, and hoped that we would meet again, so I could tell him how I felt.

The End

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