Boy Did He Fool You . . .

Ami through her hands around his him and hugged him, he hugged her back.  Then she ran out of the room, screaming some war cry.  He really did feel bad about what he had to do next. 

He looked up, and walked under the skylight he'd broken, then jumped.  He jumped up, the full three stories, to the top of the skylight, and then pulled himself out easily and silently. 

Really, he was a little emotional, but not as much as he'd been playing to be.  And, he was much much more powerful then any of the other people there.  It almost made him laugh.

He was about to leave, about to just go, when he remembered Ami.  He loved her, and every time he thought about her his mouth watered, probably because he wanted to kiss her so bad.  He hadn't ment for it to happen when he came, but he'd just played along with everything that had happened.  Gaining their trust.

No, he wasn't working for the company.  He was working for something much, much more deadly.  He jumped off the house and on the the next house across the street.  One person saw him, he could tell, but they couldn't tell who he was.  He could tell because this was one of his many other abilitys.

He sped off into the night . . .

The End

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