Not This Time

A key turned. I flinched. Red Thorn was looking down at me thoughtfully. He picked me up, and nudged the door closed. He sat me down. I crossed my legs, and sat up strait, trying to look smart. He circled me, then sat cross legged right behind me. His hands traveled slowly round my waist, and pulled me roughly into his lap. He held my chin, so I faced forwards. Something ran along my neck, almost right up to my jawline. I realized he had licked my neck. "Mmmn, you smell good. But I shall not kill you."

I broke away from him, standing. He scrambled up. We both walked slowly, keeping eye contact, moving round the room. Thorn moved with lightness, but I had grace and speed on my side. I saw something glint on the floor. A key. The key. I ducked down, into a crouch, still staring at Red Thorn. I slipped my fingers over the key. I kept contact as he came slowly nearer. he pressed me against the door. I put the key in the lock, and turned it, with less than a click.

"Give yourself to me, and you and your friends will  have a quick, painless death." He whispered, and opened his mouth, showing tiny fangs.

"Not this time." I whispered back, and pushed the door open. I ran for my life. Thorn didn't persue me. "You'll be begging for me to take you! We will seperate you from your friends, then kill you all!"

"Never! You shall never keep us apart!" I screamed back. I ran into the vampire at the bottom of the stairs. She lay on the floor, dead, along with a Company operative. I gulped, and found Jeremy. He had his head in his hands. A Company person was behind him, holding a knife. I set a blast of fire at him. Jeremy looked up, and ran to me. He looked like he was going to hug me, then he stopped, and held one of his hands out, most likely to shake hands. "W-welcome back." he muttered. I shook my head, and threw my arms round his neck. He hugged me back.  I held his face in my hands. "Let's go kick some ass!" I laughed. We ran out of the house, just in time to heard Shade give a fierce roar of victory.

But it wasn't over yet. Red Thorn was in the house, and wouldn't stop till he had us.

The End

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