Ferret's Revenge

Outside, as yet oblivious to Ami and Jeremy's plight, Shade was making quick work of the Company men. A few shifts from panther to crocodile to hippo and even a large and very irritable water buffalo had sent the majority of them men running for their lives.

Before Shade kicked them back to their cesspit of a headquarters itself.

A large man wielding what Shade presumed was an automatic rifle advanced on the panther, which snarled and tensed itself for a spring. The man readied the rifle, but Shade was too fast and, turning into it's usual black and white ferret, attacked the man' face with a gleeful ferocity, clawing and biting anything that was within range. The man screeched and fell backwards, dropping the rifle as the ferret dived down the back of his shirt and commenced it's clawing of vulnerable points.

Seconds later the man was on the ground, whimpering in pain as the now giraffe-shaped Shade picked him up and flung him like a catapult after his fleeing companions:

"And good riddance to you!" it half-yelled, half-laughed after him before becoming a lion to take on another group of adversaries.

Revenge was proving rather amusing for Shade...

The End

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