Flutter of Wings, Scream of Name

I sat curled up on the cold, hard floor. This was the only room in the house that wasn't beautiful. I heard a flutter of wings near by. Selena. It was a delicate sound. It stopped every now and then, then started again. I whispered her name. I held back tears. I feared I would not see that beautiful face again.

From the garden, I heard a roar, and a delicate yet loud giggle. Shade and Leanna. I bit back a sob. I would never feel Shade's little ferret feet scampering up my arm, or feel the breeze as Leanna swept past me.

Then a scream. A scream full of rage, pain, and sorrow. I sobbed. I couldn't help it. Jeremy was my shoulder to cry on, my best friend. He was shouting my name. He was inside the house, looking. I closed my wet eyes in salty prayer to the Goddess. I pictured Jeremy's face again; his soft black hair, his warm skin, his mis-matching eyes that I loved so. I would never hear his voice again, I feared.

The image of both him and I together in that room, intertwined figures, hugging for a moment, which turned to a kiss. A kiss hidden from the world. How I giggled at the way he would blush, and the way he would twiddle his fingers awkwardly. All those faces sat side my side, smiling. I heard footsteps ringing, heavy breathing, a little chime of music, coming ever closer, and growing ever louder. The diamond heart. It had found me, but now I feared for Jeremy, least he went away.

The End

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