Where's Ami?

I saw what Leanna was doing with her dive bombing techniques, and decided I better up the effectiveness of my own fighting. I had been mostly flying around pulling the company men by the shoulders off of my friends. It was only temporary help.

Weapons use was much more effective, and fun! As an Elf I'm well attuned to nature. I asked my friend the oak tree for a ball bat sized branch. I asked for it because I would never cut or break a piece off of a tree. That would be hurting a good friend. A nice branch fell off the tree, and I went around  looking for company men to brain.

I found a few that Leanna hadn't already gotten to with her shovel.They weren't hard to find, but there weren't too many left.  My friends' unique abilities and fighting as a team seemed to be working.

There was a sudden lull in the fighting. A hauntingly sad song wafted down the hill to where I was fighting.  It was Ami, I was sure of it. I couldn't quite tell why she would be singing though. There were no words, only melody. It lasted no more than a moment, then the fighting started again.

I heard a high pitched scream from up near the house, and went toward it. Elves have very highly tuned hearing. I could not only hear from a long distance, I could recognize voices. That voice sounded like Jeremy, and it sounded like rage, mixed with fear mixed with pain. Jeremy was a melting pot of emotions to begin with, but this was something else. He was screaming Ami's name!

I flew up to the house and looked around. A lot of the company men were  unconscious on the ground, and at least one was dead. I saw a few running away.

I looked everywhere, and somebody was definitely missing. Where was Ami? Better yet, where was Jeremy and the Red Thorn? I could still hear Jeremy screaming from inside the house. I went to the door, but it was either locked or enchanted. Either way, I couldn't get in. I flew around the house looking for a window I might be able to open.

The End

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