Dainty Little Hands?

I went around the garden, looking for something to fight with.  A Company agent grabbed my wrist and turned me around.  "Where do you think you're going?" he said with a pompous scowl.

"Let go, or I will hurt you," I warned him.

"Oh, yeah?  What could you possibly do with those dainty little hands?"

This infuriated me.  I picked up a nearby rock, flew about ten feet in the air, aimed carefully, and dropped the rock on the agent's head.  As he slipped to the ground unconscious, I yelled down, "Oh, dear, I think that rock just fell out of my dainty little hands."

Dropping things from high up seemed to be an effective fighting technique.  I found some twigs and used a power that all pixies had: shaping plants to meet our needs.  With my newly formed darts, I flew over a few agents and took them down with a shot to the neck.  From my higher vantage point, I found what I had been looking for earlier: a shovel.  I swooped down to grab it and started bashing in some Company heads.

The End

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