Character Chapter 3!

Hi! Another catch up page!!! Just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone in this story.

Ami - 12, female, light brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Controls Elements and can influence people with her singing. Is currently locked up near the top of the house. Cannot escape using her powers. Has a soft spot for Jeremy.

Jeremy - 13, male, black hair, blue and green eyes, pale skin. Controls electricity. Currently in front garden, beating up Company people and trying to make his way into the house.

Shade - Shape shifter, most likely in the form of a ferret. Currently in the front garden kicking Company butt. Has a burning hatred for Miss Cult.

Miss Cult - Formally a Company representative, has come over to the right side. Can turn invisible at will. Currently in the garden somewhere.

Jenny - a beautiful vampire woman. May or may not still be in the house somewhere.

Selena - Teenaged beautiful Elvin female. The brains of the group. Her tree house is the refuge for the Community. Somewhere in the garden.

Leanna - Pixie female, previously held captive by the Company, only she knows how it feels to be in their grasps. Somewhere in the garden. Has a slight fear of Shade.

Red Thorn - Male, can create feelings in others. Murdered Ami's parents when she was just 5 years old. Currently guarding Ami in the top of the house.

The Company - an evil incorporation that was formed by Red Thorn to find other (magical) people to track down Ami.

The Community - A place for any and everyone to go. A bit like the YMCA, but for anyone.


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The End

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