Fan-dabby-dosy-tasic!!! Not.

I watched as Shade snarled at the pixie. I shook my head, and snapped it back round to the Red Thorn. He reached his hand out. I reached mine to take it, willing my body not to. He took it, and pinned me against the base of the large tree. "That's your power. To create feeling in others. To make them safe. To make them scared. Whatever you wanted." I whispered. He nodded.

"My name is Purísimo Venganza." he whispered. I bit make a laugh. It was Spanish for Pure Revenge. I questioned him on it. He nodded. He pulled me away from the tree, and dipped down, hitting the backs of my legs, so he now carried me in front of him. The others didn't notice, but Jeremy noticed him. I looked back at him, and sang. The fighting stopped. The only thing that could be heard, was the song. It was not to change emotions, but to the diamond in Jeremy's pocket. When the time was right, it would help him.

I stopped the song, and the fighting began again. Jeremy shouted after the Red Thorn. He thrust a hand in his pocket, and jumped down. He began to run, through the fighting people, as Red Thorn took me into the house. He carried me up, and up, and up, until we reached a dark room. It had another door. Red Thorn opened it, and dropped me in the room. "When the time is right, I shall take you. I shall guard this door. And don't even bother to use your powers, they won't work in this room." he told me as he slammed the door, and I heard a key turn. I heard another key turn somewhere. Ha. Red Thorn was scared of my friends.

The End

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