I like the sound of this...

Cathryn smiled at the thought of a fight, and jumped down from the extremely high tree,grinning evily. Charging up towards a man who was snarling, Cathryn stopped.

Looking at the evil man who was fighting with someone Cathryn didn't know the name of, she stared. Suddenly he yelped in pain and crippled into an awkward shape, blood coming from his nose and ears as he screamed his last breath, and died on the floor. Shade turned and glared, scratching the floor with his paws.

"That was my fight," he hissed. He slowly walked towards her hissing, Cathryn stepped back, raising her arms.

"I'm sorry! I'll let you fight them, I promise!" she shouted, frightened. Suddenly the animal fell on the floor and laughed on it's tummy.

"Haha! Your face!," Shade chuckled,"I got you good, now lets kick some butt!" he yelled. "I had no idea you had them powers!"

The End

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