All Alone and Trapped

As Selena sung the travel song, I saw the air wobble. I closed my eyes, because it felt like I was being shook about. It stopped. I opened my eyes. Everyone had gone. Something had gone wrong. I was all alone. I shook my head, and peeked out of a hole. I looked up into another tree, and saw an eye looking back. I pulled away, and I saw a shoulder at the hole. Another eye came. A startling green eye. It widened, and pulled away.

Suddenly, something shook the tree with a thud. I looked out, to see a guy below cutting the tree, not with a chainsaw, but an axe. He seemed quite grumpy about it. I sat in the corner of the tree. I thought of my singing gift. "I wonder..." I whispered.

I wondered if I sung inside my head, if anyone would get a message, not changing their emotions, but just telling them. I tried.

"Jeremy, I'm scared. They're cutting the tree down. I'm trapped in the tree." I thought, then sang to myself quietly, till I listened to my own sobbing, and one coming on the wind, that was not my own.

The End

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