Battle Plans

Everyone was starting to panic, and there was no need for it. There was a lot of worry going on that wasn't necessary.

"Hey everybody!!" I yelled at the top of my voice.

The whole group seemed to stare at me, then broke into a lot of low pitched complaints.

"Shh.. they'll hear us... are you nuts, do you want them to catch us?"  And other comments like that.

"Look out your peepholes and see if anyone is climbing the tree, or otherwise looking like they heard us."

 There was a scramble for the peepholes. When they were all satisfied that the people on the ground were completely oblivious, they calmed down.

I stood in the main room of my tree house, and waited till they were all relatively quiet.

"As I told you before, this tree house is in another dimension. It doesn't necessarily need a tree. Even if we were out on the lawn, they would come and go right through the spot where we are, and never see or hear us. I only put my house in a tree because I'm an Elf, I love trees. If you would all be more comfortable in another tree, I'll just move us. I'll need five minutes of quiet."

Everyone went quiet, and I sang a travel song. No one inside knew we were moving, but we were. I put us high up in the biggest oak tree I could find. When I finished my song, I told everybody that they could go look out the peephole now.

There were a lot of surprised gasps, then I motioned for quiet again.

"We're safe here, always will be, because no one can enter an Elf's home without permission, not even another Elf. I would die before I would give permission to those goons down there!  Here's the thing though. Shade is right, we have to fight them or we'll be running away for the rest of our lives, and Elves live twice as long as humans! Anyway I think that we should choose the time and place to fight. Maybe we can follow them back to their headquarters, and fight them using my home as the war room or whatever. Put your heads together and come up with a decision. I'll abide by the majority vote."

The End

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