Old 'Friend'...

I looked down at the pretty girl as Shade snatched her up into the tree. I looked out a peephole, down at the guy who seemed to be the leader. I gasped.

He looked about 20, but I could tell he was a little younger. He was beautiful. He was tall and broad shouldered like Jeremy, with spiked up pitch black hair. His skin was as white as falling snow, and lips as red as blood when he turned to shout at someone. He glared at the tree, and told them to cut it down. He hadn't seen us, but I saw his eyes. Those eyes, from that night. One eye, dark, inky blue, the other ice blue. I shook my head. Jeremy frowned at me. A tear rolled down my cheek. Jeremy opened his arms out. I shuffled into them hesitantly, hoping he wouldn't be angry.

"It's him, from my 5th birthday. He, who murdered my Mother and Father. I call him the Red Thorn; the thorn stained by blood. He...he didn't make the Company to collect. He made it to get me. He tried to get all those with powers against me, to track me down. What will happen now?" I whispered.

Jeremy looked down on me, quite softly. He took an arm, and thrust a hand into his pocket. The diamond heart was inside. He turned it over in his hands, looking at it thoughtfully.

The End

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