Run or Fight?

Cut down the tree? Did he just say "cut down the tree"?

Oh damn.

Reverting to the form of a lemur, Shade turned it's big eyes on the others and said in a hushed voice:

"What now? If they cut down the tree we're dead. Should we run for it? I think I can carry at least three of us if I turn into something really big, but I don't know how far we'd get. Could we fight them do you think? How many are there? Would we stand a chance?"

Feeling utterly confused, the shape-shifter curled up in a small ball and rubbed it's ears with it's lemur-fingers.

Think Shade think! There has to be a way out of this, there has to! I'm never going back there, never never never!

Come on... THINK!!!

The End

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