Chain Saw . . .

they all sat up in the tree-house, even the new one, Cathryn Jeremy thought her name was.  He'd just regained conciousness a few minutes ago, and was now looking out a small peep-hole in the tree at the men serching the house.

"They're not here!  Sir!"  One of the men said who was serching the house.

"WELL THEN WHERE THE HECK COULD THEY BE?"  They're boss shouted.  Or maybe it wasn't they're boss, just the leader of this mission.  Their was no way of knowing.

Jeremy looked back over at Ami, who was also looking out one of the peep-holes.

"I'm sorry."  He whispered to her.  He really felt bad for what he'd done.

"It's ok."  she whispered.  He reached over and held her hand.

Suddenly the men outside stopped searching.  "Is there really no one here?"  The boss asked.

"I'm posotive, Sir . . ."  the other man said.

The boss sighed.  "well, cut down the tree and burn the it with the house.  I don't want them using it as a refuge."

Uh-Oh, Jeremy thought to himself. 

The End

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