Cathryn slowly walked up towards a tree where an injured boy lay in a treehouse, and many others climbed up the tree and sat. She stared around, dazed.

"Umm...can I join the fun?" Cathryn giggled. A boy looked down who had rather large eyes.

"Who are you?!" he exclaimed in shock, a pretty girl looked down.

"Get her up here quickly before the community come!" she shouted at the boy.

"Are you crazy Ami?! It's too late! They're there!" he pointed out into the distance. Cathryn looked over and gasped.

"Please, get me up there, whoever you are, I don't want to get sqwished!" she shouted. The boy sighed, suddenly transforming into a pheonix, swooping down and pulling Cathryn onto his back and flying up to the tree house. Her mid-length black hair swooping behind her. He suddenly stopped and dropped her down on the wooden floor. Thumping down next to a group of people different shaped and sizes.

"Wow! What a rush!" Cathryn laughed.

The End

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