Just Dropped In To Tempt A Vampire

I reeled back as Jeremy smashed a table in front of me. The vampire came in, talking, then saw the blood gushing from Jeremy. She snarled, and bared her fangs. I shot up, and in front of Jeremy. The vampire's eyes darted around, trying to find a way to get to Jeremy. I gulped.I made bands of fire and earth round the vampire. She struggled, and I began to sing. She stopped struggling, and just sat there, staring at the blood.

She broke free, and I put my foot behind me, and push into her. She was incredibly strong. Shade came in, and turned into a vampire woman, not a lot different from the one attacking. Shade didn't lust for blood, so it linked its arms round the vampire, and struggled to pull her out of the room. I turned, and knelt by Jeremy. I pulled him away from the shattered table, and turned him over. Blood was gushing from his neck, and his back was dotted with blood where glass had dug in.

I began to pull a few pieces of glass out of his back. I saw one in the back of his neck, and gently pulled it out, the coated the back of Jeremy's neck with a pad of water. I pulled other pieces out quickly. I shouted out. Selena came running round the door. She ran to me, and looked down at the unconscious Jeremy. "Great. How are we going to escape if he's injured?" she muttered to herself. She went to get something. I rolled Jeremy back onto his front. I sighed. "Oh dear...what am I going to do with you? Your my best friend in this house. Please don't kill yourself." I heard Selena open the door. Everything was silent. Selena ran back in, looking frazzled. "Ami...I can heard them coming. They're about five miles away." she panted. I looked down at Jeremy's limp body, biting my lip.

The End

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