Oops . . .

Jeremy still sat on the roof, fresterated and being fresterated because he couldn't stop being fresterated, if that makes any sense.  He looked around the yard, and could hear people talking from inside.  they wanted to go into some treehouse.  Even if it was in a different dimension, he hoped it was big because there was alot of people.

A few times, he wondered about leaving.  He knew that the company was looking for him, but what was he too them.  Just some kid with dule personalitys.  They didn't know about his electricle ability, and wouldn't come looking for him too far. 

He leaned back, but was met by an unpleasent suprise.  He had leaned back on a sunlight.  It shattered under his wait, and he fell, almost three story's, directly into the middle of the livingroom, and landed on the glass coffee table infront of Ami on the couch.

The table shatered, and he feelt hundred of glass shards sticking into his back, but felt one, which was painfully large, slicing along the side of his neck.  He wasn't sure if it had neccaserily hit his juggler, but blood started to gush out.

He had hit his head hard, and was slowly blacking out.  The last thing he saw before he fell unconcious, was a full grown vampire, looking at him, or at his neck, her fangs showing and a blood thirsty look in her eyes.

The End

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