Who Needs a Ladder When You Have...

Ladder? Pah, that'll take ages to organise. I have a better idea.

Flitting down from the ceiling, Shade turned back into a ferret and scrambled untidily onto Selena's shoulder.

"It'll take ages to find a blasted ladder in this place," said Shade, "Why don't I just turn into a griffin or something and just carry everyone up? Everyone who can't get up there themselves that is. It'll save us all time and energy, plus I'll be sure no-one gets dropped. Sound like a plan to you?"

Selena nodded and Shade chattered excitedly. There was no way those Company goons were getting their dirty hands on it, or any of it's friends. They'd done enough damage last time, they wouldn't get away with it again!

Shade would see to that.

The End

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