Tree house

I watched everybody running back and forth getting ready to leave. The activity was crazy with panic. There was no need for it. I whistled in a long low pitch. I called out so that everyone could hear me, even Jeremy on the roof if he was listening.

"Alright everybody, stop what you're doing just for a minute. I have Elven sight, I can see for miles. They are nowhere in sight. We are safe for now. We need to organize ourselves. Since no one else has a better place to run to, I suggest we all go up to my tree house. It's in another dimension. We can see out of little peepholes I made for that purpose, but they can't see in.

For those of you who can't fly or climb trees, we'll need a ladder. Once we get past the first set of limbs, we're in my tree house and safe. We can pull the ladder up after us so that there will be no sign of where we went. Everyone of you is welcome to come, even you Cult. I can tell when someone is lying, and you aren't. I think you are probably a big liability to them now. You know their secrets. If they catch you they'll probably kill you.

Those of you who would rather run away and find somewhere else to hide  that's fine too, but I honestly think we would all be safer in the tree house. Once we're up there and safe, we can all discuss what we want to do next."

I exhaled in a long breath. Surprisingly, there had been no chatter during my long speech. I looked at everybody expectantly. It was up to each individual whether they wanted to run, hide in the house, or go to my tree house.

The End

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