I Forgot...

As Jeremy stormed out of the room, I whispered, "Sorry. I forgot."  I knew that he had gone to the roof, for I could here him going up the spiral staircases, right to the top. I sighed. "Ugh...why did I have to be the one to be able to control people's emotions? I could use it to make people feel better, but When I just tried, I made J. angry at me." I thought. I played with a little of my hair, twizzling it round my finger. I thought of my cousin. He had loved to have a servant, but hated that it was me. He had given and taught me many things. He had given me the diamond heart, that now rested in Jeremy's pocket. He  had helped me get away from my aunt. He had given me my freedom.

I thought of my parents. They must be where I got my powers from. My father was a poet, and could make people feel differently through words. My Mother could make water flow anyway she wanted. But what about that Man...the murderer. Why did he kill my parents, right in front of my eyes? I had a feeling, that I was going to find out if we go caught by The Company. I clenched my fist, angry with myself and my powers. I wasn't going to go after Jeremy. He would just get angry again. "Great, I have half the house against me now. The vampire, Jeremy, Shade ain't too fond of me since I let Cult in. Great, just great."

The End

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