The Best Traitor on Earth

I stood just inside the doorway, confused.  My former kidnapper had just told me that we needed to prepare to run from her own company.  Then, I looked down at her arm, noticing the small scar where a tracking device had been.  I knew all about The Company's technology, since they had been preparing to put a few microchips in me before I escaped.  If Cult was willing to rip that out of her arm, she probably deserved my cooperation, if not trust.

I reached into my pocket and thanked Shierla that The Company hadn't thought to take my clothes.  In my left pants pocket was an expanding bag that could hold tons of stuff in a small space.  "Put the supplies in here," I told the agent.

"That little thing?" Cult asked, unsure of the pouch I held.

"It'll hold everything we need with room to spare.  I was able to escape from you guys once; I think I know what I'm doing."  I held the bag out a bit further, raising a reddish-brown eyebrow.

The End

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