Stop It!

Ami nuzzeled into his shoulder after being frightened by the new vampire.  He felt calm, but only for a second.  He suddenly started twitching and fidgeting.  He pushed her away, and scooted to the other side of the couch.

"Um . . . Sorry."  He said, and she looked at him, her eyebrows creased.  "It's nothing.  I just don't feel good." He said.

He felt like I wanted to cry, but he bit my lip.  He didn't want to cry infront of Ami.  He was fresterated.  He wanted to just.  To just shout.

Ami almost silently began to sing.  He couldn't tell what she was singing, something with a pop.  Something uplifiting.

He didn't realize it, but he slowly started to feel better, and calmed down.  Ahhhhh but he hated it.  He still really felt fresterated on the inside, except now he couldn't do anything about it, which made him feel worse.

"Stop It!"  He yelled at her. 

"Oh, I'm sorry."  She said, but he was fuming.  He stood up, and walked out.  He started to feel angry, very angry.  In his head, he almost laughed.  It was typical of him, and made him seem like an atetention hog, like a total brat, but really, there was nothing he could do about it.

He stormed outside, and climed onto the roof.  He knew that Ami would just fly up, following him but he hoped she wouldn't.

The End

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