One Drop

I looked over my shoulder as I reached Jeremy. The Vampire was stood there. I heard a flit of wings. Jeremy stared at the beautiful vampire's fangs. He squeezed my shoulder. I went towards the vampire. A finger twitched. "May I...touch your fang?" I asked in a small voice. I felt shy, and somewhat scared. She nodded slowly. I touched my finger to her bottom lip, and she let it drop. I touched the razor white fang, felt it sting. A drop of blood fell into the vampire mouth. 

The vampire took my hand, pulling it away before closing her mouth. She licked the tiny cut. I gulped, and looked at Jeremy, who was staring in horror,frozen to the spot. I glanced up. A bat was hung there, waiting to take flight. Shade. I gave a little shake of my head. The vampire let go of my hand. She licked her lips. What was going to happen next, I did not know.

The End

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