Cool...But Scary

I woke up, and stretched my arms. I rubbed my eye, to see Jeremy gone from the seat. I got up, and got changed into a black skirt with a red under layer, and a red vest top. I took off my socks, and tied a red cloak with black ribbon and stitching. I glanced in the mirror. I gave a giggle, and went out of the room, and down the steps. At the bottom, I saw a lady sat at te bottom of the stairs. She turned slightly, and Ami saw her holding a little red packet, and a tiny line of red drip down from her lips. She wiped it away, and stood.

I walked down to her, strangely pulled. I knew why when I saw her white fangs just visible. She gave a little smile, and inhaled deeply, closing her eyes. She opened them again. "Hm...A negative..." I gave a little giggle. This vampire was beautiful. Her golden curls danced as she moved her head slightly, peering at me. I took a step forwards. "Are you...a vampire?" I asked. She gave a nod. She took a step forward, so she was face to face with me. Her darkish blue eyes seemed to move like water.

She took a step back. She smiled at me, revealing her fangs fully. I tilted my head slightly. She gave a little movement. I wondered if she was looking at my neck. She inhaled again. I moved past her carefuly, and went to find Jeremy. I breathed out, thinking to myself, "That was cool, but scary. It reminds me of that horrible night."

The End

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