Enter, Stage Left.

Jenny opened the door, peering inside. She slowly closed it, taking a few steps forward. Her blonde, curly locks bounced upon her shoulders as she walked. Her bright, ocean blue eyes shone against her pale white skin. She smiled as she looked around the house. Two glistening fangs protruded from her mouth slightly, sticking out against her plump red lips. She wore a pair of leather trousers and a red tube-top, all her clothes fit perfectly, accenting her perfect curves. A long black coat billowed out behind her. She made no sound as she slowly traversed the corridors and rooms of the house. When she came to the stairs she sat upon them happily.

From her coat pocket she produced a blood packet, ripping it open she gently drunk the inside, A positive was her favourite. "Ahh, I think this place will be just right." She smiled, parting her red lips slightly. "Can't wait to meet the others." She laughed, "They must love living with a vampire." She stopped smiling as she heard something. But soon she began to drink from the packet again.

The End

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