Character Chapter 2!

Hi! This is the second Character Chapter, and we need more people to join! Come right in!!!

Ami - 12, almost 13, has dark blue eyes, light brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders, and pale skin. Her parents were murdered on her 5th birthday, and she can control the Elements. She has gained a new power of being able to manipulate poeple's emotions by singing. She has a soft spot for Jeremy.

Jeremy - 13, facial features unknown. He entered the house as a bold person, and is good friends with Ami.  He has emotional changes that could mean anything could happen, and can use electrical powers.

Selena - Teenager, tall, red curly hair, beautiful. She is an Elf who has a year to decide if she wants to be a Human or an Elf. She was kicked out of her Elvin home for silly-stringing the meeting room, and other human-like behavior.

Shade - It is a shape-shifter. Can change to fit almost any problem that is aroused. Prefers to be in ferret form, and sat on someone's shoulder. Has a loathing for Miss Cult.

Miss Cult - age and facial features unknown. She used to work for a company that lock 'different' people, (people with powers) away and test them. Has a bad reputation due to knocking out Selena and Ami. Came back into house after taking out tracking chip. Is hated by Shade, and Jeremy doesn't trust her.

Leanna - Teenager, facial features unknown. She is a pixie who had been trapped my The Company. Has just escaped from her capters, and has just met Miss Cult, who was the result of her capture.

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The End

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