Resting my Wings

I had been flying for hours trying to escape my captors.  They referred to themselves only as The Company, and their goal was to exploit creatures like me.

Speaking of "creatures like me", I'm a pixie.  My name is Leanna Oak, and I come from the Maple village.  The Company kidnapped me when I was in my teenage years.

Finally, I flew over a clearing with a house in it.  Maybe the people inside would be kind enough to let me in.  I landed at the front door.  I smoothed out my hair, currently in a long braid, and stretched out my purple wings a bit before knocking.

I noticed that the girl who answered the door was an elf, probably around my age.  "We have another newcomer," she shouted over her shoulder.  Turning back to me, she said, "I'm Selena.  What's your name?"

"Um, Leanna," I replied.  I was always a bit shy, especially around other species.  "I'm a pixie."

Three other people appeared behind Selena.  One, a male, appeared to be a normal human, but I sensed some serious emotional problems from him.  The second was a ferret, perched on the male's shoulder.  The third I recognized immediately: the Company agent that had taken me.

"You," I gasped.  She tried to reassure me, but I knew better than to fall for The Company's tricks.  "Don't come any closer!"

The End

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