New Power???

We went back upstairs, and into my room. We sat and talked for a while, then Shade whizzed in. It started ranting on, and on, and on, and on. I rolled my eyes as it fell of Jeremy's arm. I let it wriggled up m arm, and onto my shoulder. "Take a chill pill, hunnie! Seriously!!! I giggled to her. She sat there chuntering in my ear. She jumped off my shoulder, and went to find Miss Cult. Selena huffed, and went after Shade.

I sighed, and slumped onto the bed. Jeremy squeezed my shoulder. "It'll be fine. You know it will. But I doubt it. Sorry." I giggled at him. He pushed a hand into his pocket, touching something. He smiled. I turned on some music. Jeremy grinned, and danced around the room. I sat on the bed watching him, singing. I wasn't singing the song playing, but a lullaby. Jeremy began to slow, and sit on the bed. A few minutes later, he was asleep!

I began to sing a bouncy happy song, and he woke, and started dancing again. I stopped him, and said, "I think I have a new power. I can control emotions by singing." Jeremy gave me the thumbs up, and then yawned. I giggled. I laid down next to him, and closed my eyes. It was late a night now, and apart from the little nap the previous day, I had had no sleep. I drifted off, and felt someone pulling a blanket over me.

I looked out through my eyelashes, to see Jeremy touch my shoulder, and sit down into a chair next to the bed. He yawned again, and closed his eyes. I smiled, and fell asleep.

The End

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