Red As Blood

I stared up at Jeremy, until I notice a beautiful face peeking round the door. I pulled her into the room, ansd Jeremy told her lots of stuff really quickly. I laughed, and put my hand over his mouth. "Jeez, let her breath Jeremy!" I giggled. He gave a smile. We all laughed as Selena talked about a moose. I ran downstairs and got it. I handed it to her, and she said that her treehouse was in a different dimension.

Selena left the room, and I turned to Jeremy. I put my hand in my pocket, the other holding his hand, and I pulled out the diamond heart. I put in into the palm of his hand, and curled his fingers round it. He looked down at it, remembering what I had said about it, and about my past. He blushed even redder. I sat on the bed, and caught my hand on something. Blood streamed from my hand, and dripped. Jeremy helped me clean the cut, and tied a piece of cloth round it.

I turned red again. Jeremy smiled at my blush. He pressed his lips against my hand. Purple stars danced around it. I wrapped an arm round his neck, and we went downstairs, leaving Cult to her own room.

The End

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