Selena wakes up

I woke up in a strange room with a raging headache that seemed to go from my eyes all the way to the back of my head!  I sat up on the bed and looked around. Nothing looked familiar, and I had no idea of how I had gotten there. I remembered a lot of yelling, and fireballs, and somebody yelling about invisibility, then I felt myself being thrown off my feet.

I got up and went through the door. I started down the hallway in search of an icepack. My head really hurt. I walked past one of the doors and I heard voices. The door was open a bit so I stuck my head around the edge to see who was there. It was Ami and Jeremy. Their faces were both red, and they looked guilty. I was about to duck back out again, but Ami saw me.

"Hey Selena!" She called, as she waved me inside.

"How are you feeling? You look pale." Ami said as she walked toward me.

"I have a headache that would stun a goat!" I said as I put my hands over my eyes to block the painful light.

"Why a goat?" Jeremy asked curiously.

"Well you would think that goats would get a lot of headaches from ramming things with their horns. It would take a really bad headache to knock out or stun a goat, I think." I explained.

Ami smiled at me as she put one hand on my forehead over my own hands, then put her other hand at the back of my head.

"Stand still for a few minutes and think of something nice." She said as she put a Little pressure on the back of my head.

"I like chocolate, I'll think about that." I commented.

"We've got a chocolate mousse in the fridge." Jeremy offered.

"Didn't the moose object to being covered in chocolate? How did you get him in the fridge?" I laughed

"No, a mousse is a sort of pudding cake.....oh! Jeremy laughed at my play on words. I was feeling a lot better!

Ami laughed at my silliness as she went back to sit on the bed. I shook my head a little to see if the headache was entirely gone. It was.

"Wow, that is some talent you have there Ami. Thanks!" I said.

"You're welcome. I'm glad you're alright. Curse really threw you." 

"Curse?" I asked.

"That's the invisible person that came here looking for me to go to a company that wants to do research on me, well all of us now." Ami explained.

"Yeah, Ami tied her up with fire ropes, but she got loose and ran away, then she came back, her company is going to come and get us all in two days,  I don't trust her but Ami says.."

Ami ran and put her hand over Jeremy's mouth. She laughed at my confused expression.

"Slow down there Jeremy, I don't think Selena can keep track of it all, you're talking too fast."

Jeremy stopped talking, so Ami took her hand away. I was a little confused, but one thing did get my attention.

"Some company wants to experiment and do research on you guys?" I asked.

When they both nodded, I thought of a possible solution.

"I know where we can hide that nobody can ever find us!" I declared.

"Where?" They both shouted at once.

"My tree house is in another dimension altogether. They won't find us there."

The End

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