I yelped, and Cult covered my mouth. She placed a finger on her lips, signaling for me to be quiet. I nodded. I wasn't afraid of her, but Jeremy would try and rip her apart if he knew she was here. I peered round the living room door, to see Shade asleep, and Jeremy whistling to himself, watching the fire.

I grabbed Cult's hand, and pulled her up stairs. She followed, and we went into my room. I closed the door, and hissed, "Why are you back? Come to hurt Jeremy, Shade or Selena? I'd like to see you try..." Cult gave a little bow of the head.

"Miss Cult, at your service." She said softly. I rolled my eyes. Cult pulled out the note I had left with the basket. "By the way, thanks for the food." she said. I smiled slightly. I sat and talked to Miss Cult for a while. I heard footsteps down stairs. "Probably getting a snack." I muttered, and we continued our conversation, and Miss Cult explained about the company in disgust. I giggled when she made a gagging noise, and pointed her finger into her mouth.

But then...Jeremy burst through the door. He froze when he saw Cult. She gulped slightly. He shook with anger. I went over to him, and wrapped my arms round him.  "Don't worry  J., she's not gonna hurt anyone. She's good. Look, she took out the tracking chip the company put in her." I showed his the mark she ad left.

"Not to mention that she said that that company would be here in two days..." Jeremy said doubtfully. I smiled. He was scared that Cult was going to hurt someone. He gulped. "'re....back?" he asked. Cult nodded a little.

The End

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