I knew my hiding spot was lame, even more so after Jeremy hit my foot with lightning, but no one would come after me for a little while because they think i was lieing when i told them "2 days". I decided to find a new pace to go. I came into a forest of maples. I went father and father away from the house and sat down.

I was going to go look for food when my boss got in my head. Miss Cult, you have been told to find Ami, knock her out, and take her back here ASAP. What have you done? I had been hoping he'd wait for me to eat. I came to the house, knocked out Ami, but i fond others in my way, A shape shifter, an emotion boy, Elf, Unicorn and Ami. There might have been some one else to but i'm not so sure. So they captured me but i got away and here i am talking to you under a maple tree! Sir.

He thought for minitue. Miss Cult, you've done fairly well under the cucomstances, we will be there with you in two days, good bye. 

I was hungry by the time my boss ended his orders, so i left my spot to find food. The only thing i could eat there was a root of a weed like plant that was natureal to this place. After i finished my small meal i went back to the forest of maples and layed down and slept.

The End

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